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*cough* meow! *cough* Sadly, that is all what I’ve been hearing from my sweet 13 year old cat Dusty. She is a mix between a Russian Blue and an Angora Cat! The only thing that I have never been able to put my finger on is why she never meows. Now, I’ve had cats all my life growing up and I love them to death, but she is the first cat, I have to say, that I never heard meow. Anywho… Lately, about three days ago, I’ve noticed that she really hasn’t been her best of health, I thought at first it was because she must have been simply lethargic since I have three other kitty’s that just love bugging the hell out of her, but sadly we found out that she has been coughing due to a strong cold that had affected her a month ago when the cold hit Florida. Only thing it didn’t bother her until now, and now is when the coughing has become concerning since she is quite old and suseptable to, God forbid, forming a tumor in her vocal cords. I can only hope she gets better soon! Feel better Dusty.

 Here the “Dusty” girl! ❤

And here are the other three mischievous kitty’s:

 Bella ❤

Nemo ❤

and the baby of the mischievous trio my beautiful Mimi ❤

Let’s hope they cool it down a bit while the precious 13 year old is getting better.

Tons of Love Bites,

Izzy G.H.A.B.W ^,.,^