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It is now officially February 3rd, but yesterday night at 06:48 pm, while my other sister Jess (yes, not related by blood but she is my sister!) and I brought the birthday girl her cake, we simply told her… “Hi Sammi, Happy Birthday!”, “Yeah you’re old now! haha.” “Well close enough, but yeah she’s getting there.” haha! You know we love you Sammi; but anywho… after our hello’s to the B-Day girl, we went straight to the kitchen and had her close her eyes so she wouldn’t peek at our beloved master piece! And so, as soon as she walked into the kitchen, being led by Jess and followed by her boyfriend, we let our little Sammi go and as soon as she saw that cake… “AHHHHHHHHH!!! OH MY GOD! IT’S JOHN! IT’S JOHN! FROM HOMESTUCK!” (yes, she was extremely happy). She then turned and hugged me and began to cry, just as how my beloved sister Jess told me before we left to our destination. It was heart warming and touching, but happy to know that Sammi was happy and that she had a big grin on her face! We then had cake and all the fun of enjoying the time together. Until next time! Wait, next time is going to be quite soon! Ahhh! All these events are going to drive this goth chick batty!

Here is the master piece as well as a small video of the b-day girl: