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These past few weeks have been busy, busy! But not to fret, there’s one more even to take care of (not to fret, yeah right!). So getting ready here to prepare some goodies for my beloved Sammi’s 20th birthday. She’s such a lovely sister to me, even though we are not related by blood, she’s just as my very own older sister, although, the funny part is that I’m taller than her by a foot and a half in height. Hahaha. Nah, but anyway… getting all of this together is sort of driving me a little bat shit crazy since the theme if “Homestuck.” I hope I spelled that right. In any case, I’ve already made out the design for this rockin’ cake of hers: it’s going to be John. But here’s the problem… I’ve run out of ideas for the remainder of it all since I haven’t, honestly I haven’t, caught up with the whole story of Homestuck. So.. if by some luck, and if there are any Home Stuck fans out there, send me pic of your favorite Homestuck character or even some really cool ideas that can help out big time with this gig.

Tons of love bites,

Izzy G.H.A.B.W ^,.,^