A little craft fun meant for everyone-

Something new is always popping up in my mind especially when given something to toy around with and make it my own such as an old style rag doll that a friend of mine had handed over to me to “Gothify!” I cannot WAIT to get started!

Craft Session: #1

Intro: So, this is gong to be the 1st Craft session of the blog, hopefully this turns out to be as much fun for you as it is for me. Now then let’s get started. For the most part, it is quite understandable that everyone has there own taste and interests that suite them best just the way they are; so for today’s craft session that is exactly all you’ll need! You’re personal taste!


  • An old rag doll
  • Sew-able Clip-on Buttons


  • Pieces of Fabric (Any color will do. Remember, we’re making this to match our own interest)
  • A pair of sewing “scissors”/regular scissors will do the job
  • Red/Black/Yellow Colored Yarn (for rag dolls’ hair) *Can’t have her bald you know o,.,o Not a pretty sight
  • Some Lace fabric about a foot in length (this is optional since it is going to be the stockings on the rag doll)
  • Sewing Needles
  • Sewing Machine
  • Spool of Thread: matching the colors you chose for the hair and the outfit/stockings

Let’s begin:

First off you’d want to look at your rag doll and see where every little seem is connected to and What you wish to do with it. Once that’s been cleared, the fun part finally begins!

Next we shall cut the sewed stitching that is holding down the hair! Like so:

Once you’ve found where the stitching from the hair is located, you’d then want to begin the fun part. So grab your scissors and begin.

And this should be your result:

A bald rag doll.

Ta Da! Post two of Gothification Process is soon to come! This is just a riot for me!